Proměny kurikula současné české školy: vize a realita

Tomáš Janík, Josef Maňák, Petr Knecht, Jiří Němec

(Curriculum change in Czech school: vision and reality)


zveřejněno 22.02.2018 
klíčová slova: curriculum; curriculum policy; curriculum change; educational research; school education

  • abstrakt

  • The paper focuses on the current changes within the curriculum of Czech schools. The authors aim to analyse the tension between the visions of curriculum pol- icy makers and the reality as it is perceived by school directors and teachers. The text is divided into four parts. In the first part, the concept of curriculum change is discussed and the key terms on which the paper is founded are defined. The second part includes an analysis of curricular documents – intended curricular changes are analysed in three dimensions: (a) in the dimension of school organisation and management, (b) in the dimension of educational goals, (c) in the dimension of the content of education. In the third part, insights from diverse empirical studies are offered in which the authors analyse how the current changes in curriculum are perceived by different participants (school directors and teachers). In the fourth part, the authors discuss the key issues that are brought about by the current curricular changes within Czech schools.