Minerva 1890-1936

Sekyrková, Milada

Price: 450 CZK

The chronicle of the Minerva Grammar School covers approximately the first half century (1890–1936) of the existence of this secondary...

Averzivní demokracie

Norval, Aletta J.

Price: 280 CZK

Events which have occurred in the past decades since the fall of the authoritarian regimes in Eastern Europe, including the color...

New Items - e-books:

Book details Základy teorie krizového managementu

Základy teorie krizového managementu

Antušák, Emil - Vilášek, Josef

Price: 130 CZK

The book was primarily written for double-major students of the Population Protection with Special Focus on Schooling program at the...

Book details Physical and personality traits of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia

Physical and personality traits of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia

Vlček, Emanuel - Bartoníček, Jan (ed.) - Royt, Jan (ed.)

Price: 100 CZK

On the occasion of the 600th anniversary of the death of Charles IV in 1978, Professor Emanuel Vlček, MD, DSc conducted research of the...

Book details Význam soutěžní úspěšnosti ve výkonnostním vývoji tenistů

Význam soutěžní úspěšnosti ve výkonnostním vývoji tenistů

Pecha, Jan - Dovalil, Josef - Suchý, Jiří

Price: 110 CZK

This monograph analyzes performance development in Czech (Czechoslovak, prior to 1993) tennis players. The research aimed to determine...


Past Events



Dear readers,

We would like to present some new e-books including, for example, The Religion of Society by Niklas Luhmann, a sociologist referred to as the "Hegel of the second half of the 20th century,” and Vincent Crapanzano’s Tuhami: Portrait of a Moroccan, which significantly contributed to the formation of the new methodological approach to cultural anthropology.

Also worthy of your attention is Psychiatry and Pedopsychiatry, a textbook compiled by scholars led by Ladislav Hosák. The book received the 2016 Kuffner Award for the best work in psychiatry in the Czech Republic. It offers a complex perspective on the field, especially child psychiatry, which is particularly important in regard to this discipline’s becoming an independent field of study.

Circumstances that affect our everyday decision making are the subject of František Koukolík’s new book, Decision Making. Written in an accessible, essayistic form, this book present the current state of knowledge in the field of the decision making theory, which is based on evolutionary biology, psychology, economics, neuroscience and philosophy.

Media life, an equally groundbreaking book by Dutch professor Mark Deuze, focusing on media studies, expands on the impact of new media on the everyday life of an individual in our globalized society. In his review for iLiteratura.cz, Jan Lukavec characterized it as "a brilliant book written by a scholar referring to an impressive number of classical literary and philosophical works as well as quite recent research and theoretical concepts.”

Petr Čornej’s Historians, Historiography and History presents nineteen essays analyzing problems that modern Czech as well as some international historiography had to confront from the early 19th century to the threshold of the 21st century. The scholar highlights prominent figures in Czech historiography in an unconventional light and contexts. These revised and expanded essays are set in the framework of critical reflections on postmodern challenges, particularly those represented by Hayden White’s work.

And last but not least, we would also like to briefly present Matěj Spurný’s Bridge into the Future. As Milena Bartlová states in her review, "... although it focuses on the history of one city, it is significant in a much broader context. It is the first extensive result also available as a book for a broader readership of research into the period of state socialism which takes ‘socialism as a world of ideas’ seriously.”